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TOTAL COST FOR THE FULL COURSE: Rs 17,62,000/- (approx for full 5.5 years course), hostel and food extra.
Graduate students CLICK HERE for 4 years Package of Rs 16,41,000/-

1st one and half YEAR CHARGES:

2nd year to 5th year charges

GRAND TOTAL : Rs 17,62,000
(including everything, but hostel and food cost extra) 1 Peso = Rs 1.40


1. Tuition Fees should be paid directly to the university and calculated in Philippine Peso only.

2. Students under 18 years has to extend their visa (Special students permit) once in two months which costs USD 100 until they attain 18 years of age.

3. Final amount may differ slightly on the basis of currency exchange rate on the date of payment.

Hostel and Food expenses:

Indian Hostel with Indian Canteen :Rs 2,10,000 per year, for Lodging, all foods (Indian Veg and Non veg both).

Non Indian hostel also available ( approx rent 4000 Peso per head, food extra ). But 1st 6 months staying in Indian hostel mandatory for all Indian students.

We have never and we will not ever keep anything that can be termed as HIDDEN COST. We simply do not want the students to face any sort of problems related with money after reaching Philippines. That is why we have explained everything clearly here in this mail. Even after this if you require any sort of clarification on any matter, kindly call us anytime to clear your doubts.

Admission Requirements and Required documents: (Some Documents can be done after getting the Offer Letter)

1.   Minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and 40% in PCB for those students who belong SC/ST/OBC class

2.   17 years of age completed as of December 31

3.   Passport Photocopy, (passport should be available within July 15th)

4.   Passport Size photographs

5.   Birth Certificate in English ( or Translated and Notarized )

6.   Education certificates/transcript of records 10th & 12th / Intermediate mark sheets

7.   Police clearance certificate (2 copies of PCC in original, To be obtained local Passport office)

8.   NOC / Affidavit of support of the person supporting the applicants study.

9.   Bank statement of the person funding the study of the applicant.

10.   Certificate of good moral character (1 from either principal/professor/dean)


The student can apply in any of one the following options:

1. Once we get your application along with the documents mentioned in the admission requirements, we shall write back to you with questions, comments and Details.

2. We submit Your Application to the admission committee for international students of University.

3. The University will give us the instruction as to accept the application or reject it.

4. If the University instructs to proceed with the admission of student we intimate you.

5. We do all the formalities and send you the acceptance letter from the University.

6. The students remit a portion of the 1st Year's tuition fee ( approx 5000 USD ) to the university bank account directly.

7. Once the acceptance letter is given to the student the student has to submit his Passport copy soon.

8. Then we apply for the visa in the nearest Embassy/ Consulate of Philippine.

9. The visa is issued and you notify us of the studentís date of journey.

10. The student travels to Philippines to the nearest airport to the University (now only Manila).

11. University officials and our officials from Omkar Medicom, shall be there in the airport to receive the student.

12. He/She is put in accommodation provided by the university.

13. The next day the student pays the balance tuition fee to the international student department and join the course.

14. If the student has any problems, our officials are there 24 hours to help the student.

Please Note that we may accompany you in batch of 10 or more students from Kolkata airport to the University, but it is not mandarory on our part. If any student gets his / her passport very late, or gets the visa late due to any reason whatsoever, then he or she will have to go alone. But our officials will pick him / her from Manila airport and do the rest process.

Important Points:

Note 01.
Application Fee fully refundable, only if University denies admission. After issue of Offer Letter by the University, no money can be refunded. Generally it takes 30 working days to get the Offer Letter. Issue of Offer Letter will start from June every year. During Summer Holidays, it may require more than 30 days. Summer holiday is from mid March to Mid May every year.

Note 02.
Approx 5000 USD out  of 1st years Tuition Fees has to be paid direct to the University Bank account after getting the Offer Letter. If anyone can not transfer directly, then we will assist in that. This transfer receipt is required for Visa application.

Note 03.
For Philippines, students will get max 59 days special Tourist Visa ( 9A ) from the Philippines Embassy in India. Then after reaching Philippines, their 59 days Visa will be extended and converted  to Student's Visa. Everything will be done by us or the University. Students wont have to worry for these process. All originals are required for applying Philippines Visa in India. Total visa process in India takes nearly 60 days. During this time you will not get back your originals. This is the normal rules for Philippines. In general we hand over all the originals to the students in the airport on the date of journey because all these originals are required by the University too for registration. 

Note 04.
Students will have to appear for visa interview in the Philippines Embassy in Delhi. Probable set of questions and answers will be provided by us in advance. Usually Embassy wants to judge whether the student understands English or not.  So speaking power in English is essential to clear the visa interview. 

Note 05.
All students will have to sit for NMAT  exam in Philippines, syllabus is mostly from English grammar, Mathematics ( Integral and Differential Calculus ), Psychology, Medical Physics ( Light, Sound, Atomic Physics ), Organic Chemistry and some Inorganic Chemistry, Biology of Class 11 and 12 standard. Proper training will be given to every student before this exam. This is not any Entrance test and this exam is like CBSE exam in our country. Just like students cant join any medical or engineering college in India without passing CBSE or Class 12 State Board exam, similarly in Philippines students have to pass NMAT ( 40 Percentile is the minimum passing marks ). Students who did not have Math in Class 11/12 in India are advised to learn Calculus before going to Philippines. 

Note 06.
Before to Visa application any Bank account statement of parents required, where the final balance must be Rs 4,00,000/-. You have to keep this balance at least for one day. This bank account must be minimum 1 year old and statement of last 6 months required before Visa application.

Note 07.
AMA School of Medicine is 2 years old Medical College.

For Application Form and other relevant details,
Call us at +919163195767, +919831762263 (11.30 AM to 8 PM, India time) or mail us at or fill up the Online Form given in this page and send to us.

Rs 25,000
With application
Our Charges ( including Visa and 1
time Airfare )
Rs 1,50,000
After Offer Letter
University Tuition Fees
Rs 4,20,000 ( 300000 PHP )
Before Visa Application, to be paid direct to     
University Bank account
Visa conversion in Philippines
Rs 44,800 ( 32000 PHP )
After reaching Manila
Grand Total for 1st 1.5 yrs
Rs 6,40,000
Total 1st year expenses... Hostel and food extra
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year
Tuition Fees ( in Rupees )
Rs 3,50,000
Rs 3,50,000
Rs 2,10,000
Rs 1,40,000
(Tuition Fees in peso)
(250000 Peso)
(250000 Peso)
(150000 Peso)
(100000 Peso)
Visa Renewal ( Rs )
Rs 18,340
Rs 18,340
Rs 18,340
Rs 18,340
(Visa Renewal in Peso)
(13100 Peso)
(13100 Peso)
(13100 Peso)
(13100 Peso)
Rs 3,68,000
Rs 3,68,000
Rs 2,28,000
Rs 1,58,000

Call: +919163195767 ,  +919831762263,  +919874882465 ( 11.30 AM to 8 PM India time ) , Email: